Van Buren County, TN Van Buren Sheriff's Department

Van Buren County Flag

The flag of Van Buren County, Tennessee, is dark blue, with a Tennessee-style White-red bar on the flag.  The county map bearing the date 1840 in red is in the center, and the county and state names above and below.  Against the white stripe in the flag are five stars, the top one white, the second one yellow, the three lower ones white.  The color symbolism of the Van Buren County Flag is red for courage, white for faith and purity, blue for vigilance and perseverance, and yellow for honor and loyalty.  The significance of the stars:  First Star symbolizes the citizens of Van Buren County, past, present and future.  Second Star (yellow) is in remembrance of Van Buren County casualties of war who paid the supreme sacrifice for preservation of our freedoms.  Third Star represents the natural resources of Van Buren County which are clean air, pure water, timber, coal, fertile soil and wildlife.  Fourth Star stands for the industry, factories, mills, mines and farms of Van Buren County.  Fifth Star is indicative of Van Buren County’s prosperity.
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