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Published 04/17/2024

Van Buren County is now accepting bids for the following items. All bids must be turned in to the Van Buren County Mayor’s office by April 26th, 2024 by 2:00 p.m. Contractors will need to be licensed or bonded if bid is over $25,0000. Van Buren County has the right to refuse and reject any and all bids. For more information, please contact the Van Buren County Mayor’s office at 931-946-2314.

Piney Convenience Center: Fencing

800 Ft chain link fence with bid for 6ft and 8ft height.
2 sets of 10 ft double gate at each entrance with 6 ft and 8ft height bid.

Piney Convenience Center- Structures

14 x40x40 pole barn
12x12 frame building with 2 windows and door
6x12x70 concrete pad with rebar and fiber.

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